The Initiative - Inaugural Green Lake Conference 2018 Registration

This is registration for The Initiative's inaugural Green Lake Conference. The conference will take place June 24-28, 2018 at Green Lake Conference Center (Green Lake, Wisconsin).

The $150 deposit (paid separately) is non-refundable. Refund requests for the remainder of the conference fee must be made in writing.

Day rates, and other shorter meal plans, are available on a limited basis. (Contact the conference administrator for rates and availability.) You must request these adjusted plans before May 1.

Registration must be paid in full in advance. We will not be able to collect fees at the event. If any late registrations are accepted by our office they must be approved and paid in advance.

**Please do not contact Green Lake Conference Center with questions about the conference. If you have questions, please contact us directly at (630) 221-1817 or e-mail us at


Registration Information

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